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Sandra Freedman Stolov

Sandra Freedman
Residing In: Southfield, MI USA
Children: Michael 9/1/66, Valerie 8/23/68, Jason 7/29/72, Louis 10/22/78
Education after graduating from Mumford:

Michigan State University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, Dearborn


Poetry, Drawing, Singing, Acting


Yosef Moshe, Shoshana Miriam, Chava Rivka


Personal motto: "Nullum Bonum Factum Inpunitum Stat"
(No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!)

It was a dark and stormy night in December, 1939, that I was born, thereby saving my father, Lou Freedman, tax money and as he used to state categorically, "It was the first and last time!" Flash forward 21 years to my first wedding ....from which there issued four great kids whom I almost invariably called by the wrong names and who have grown into fascinating adults with a collective 10 children of their own, which brings me to my favorite subject: GRANDCHILDREN! I have 20 of them including my 2nd husband's 10 and the counter is still ticking on both sides of the family. G-D bless them all. My husband's name is Moishe and he is a nice guy who is retired and adores spending time with the grandkids and also, most of the time, with me (I'm a little high-strung sometimes. Alright, a lot of the time. so, NU?)
Over the years I wore many hats, having been a proofreader, copywriter, actor, director, producer (other than kids), chorus singer (as -in-choir -out of shul), photographer, world traveler in a condensed kind of way, and now I am a computer junkie. I have been a daughter (my mother passed away nearly a year ago at the age of 96 and I hope I take after her side of the family), I am a mother and step-mother a grandmother, and I could, by the next reunion, actually be a great-grandmother! What a fascinating 50 years so far. Looking forward to many more,