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Binnie Strutin Davidow

Residing In: Toms River, NJ USA
Children: Soni, Avigayil

I was raised in Detroit and attended Mumford High School until October of my senior year when my family relocated to Freeport, Long Island, New York. After my graduation from Freeport High School I went to work as a legal secretary in a Freeport law firm. Shortly afterward, I met my future husband and we were married one year later. We will celebrate our 49th anniversary in September. We have two daughters, Soni and Avigayil, and when they were in junior high school, I returned to college and went on to law school. I graduated in 1982 and now have my own law firm and specialize in family law. We still live on Long Island and have a home on the water. Our four grandchildren love to visit us for barbecues, swimming and kayaking. I have reduced my work schedule, however, I am not ready for retirement. Most of my Long Island friends have retired to South Florida and they tell me about all the Michigan retirees they meet. I always wonder if my former classmates are now neighbors of my friends.