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Tino Trahiotis

Tino Trahiotis
Residing In: Canton, CT USA
Children: Patricia Hite (8/3/64), Michel Trahiotis (10/1/67), Amy Doman (11/10/69)

Listening to Sinatra via a super stereo system (or two), cooking pasta and pizza from scratch, and travelling in the U.S. and Europe while combing business and pleasure.


Madison, Brandon, Arianna, Cameron, Jarrett


I do remember my years at mumford as being wonderful because of the teachers and friends. i think those were times that allowed us to grow up in a manner that is now considered the theoretical ideal. by the way, i graduated "early" in june, 1956. as a result, i have been "disconnected" from my real classmates within the info that keeps track of alumni.